Three things I’ve learnt from Pokemon Go in the last week

Pokemon passed me by the first time around, but the boy heard about Pokemon Go it at school recently and when I downloaded it “just to see what it was like”, he spotted the icon (how did he know what the icon looked like?) and since then my phone has barely been my own. Here’s what I’ve learnt in the last week:

1. My children can walk really, really far.

I’m not going to be fooled in future. Their legs work and they can walk a really long way. My pedometer said 11,000 steps yesterday, and most of that was a Pokemon hunt! They weren’t tired at all. I can get the boy to walk anywhere at the moment by suggesting we go vial the local Pokestops. Previously I couldn’t even get him to walk to the corner shop with me because HIS LEGS WERE TIRED! and couldn’t we go in the car? and couldn’t he stay in the car when we got there (No and no!)

2. They sleep much better after Pokehunting

Everyone was asleep by 9 last night! Even for school days this is early and for school holidays this is amazing!

3. It’s really irritating to walk with someone who’s glued to their phone.

I should stop doing that. It’s really interesting watching him holding my phone and trying to have a conversation with him. It’s been a great opportunity to talk about how we need to put phones down while crossing roads etc. I know I look at mine too much and I know I need to stop. When all this Pokemon business has blown over, or when I get my next phonebill, I’ll start leaving my phone at home. Maybe.

As with all apps, we need to find a way as a family to reap the benefits (exercise, talking about landmarks, time together), without being sucked further into reliance on tech.

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