Only 9.99, pecs not included

You know when you have a great idea in the shower, which you forget by the time you get downstairs? I had one of those ideas this morning – to install a shower whiteboard.

Brilliant! I’d never forget a shower idea again! I managed to race to a piece of paper and jot down some specifications for my showerspiration board. I was about to email a friend for advice with developing the product, but decided to google it first to check it was novel… nope! 

This picture caught my eye first.. the steamy ideas message board.  How could I beat that name, or that 6 pack?!

AquaNotes- more product, less fake tan

More searching revealed aqua notes, which focus a little bit more on the product and less on the hand model! Also the paper can be taken out of the shower, which would be useful.

I was then reminded that we already have some bath crayons that could be used for ideas. Last time we used them, our bathroom looked like this..

Then I discovered that divers already have the waterproof notebook market sorted. I really like this diving slate and this is probably the one I’ll order and customise with bathroom suckers.

But then I saw this one and then I couldn’t remember my idea.. so it’s back to the shower for me!


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