More Pokemon Go – Cycling and Candy Crush shame

This morning, little guy and I cycled a mile to his holiday club. We were rewarded with a pokemon egg hatching, which caused GREAT excitement, and also allowed me to have a little rest. Cycling is hard work!

As it turns out, my car keys are lost and despite turning the house upside down they have not appeared so it was good to have a willing cycle buddy.

Now do I spend the precious holiday club time cleaning and tidying as planned? Searching for the keys? Researching tracking devices for never loosing keys again (I have already spent some time doing this!), attaching the baby seat to my bike, so I can collect little girl from nursery later?

Also on my list for today was painting the bathroom, which seems like a ridiculous idea now (so is highly likely to get done) and dismantle the cot, which is currently housing most of our clothes as a laundry sorting station. When it’s gone I’ll miss it!

One thing I’m almost certainly not going to do is explore the new level of Candy crush that’s waiting for me. Oh no, not even for one minute. Little guy spotted me playing it yesterday and was very interested in it.

“What’s the point of this game?”
“What happens when the owl falls off?”
“Why doesn’t the owl like the jelly”
“Can I sit on your knee and watch?”

Nooooo, my guilty pleasure has been outed! I need to set a good example and resist…

Just had an email from MIL to say their postcard from our holiday hadn’t arrived yet.. first stop, touchnote :)

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