Ice Cream Tea

Ice cream tea again

The next time there’s milk in this house I am absolutely definitely going to pour some into an ice cube tray and freeze it so I always have enough milk for hot drinks. Tonight D is out and everyone else is asleep and I only realised we were milkless after I’d made myself tea. Anyway, […]

I’m doing my best

Today was the day when my defensive inner voice was set to full volume. I’M DOING MY BEST Everything is a mess, everything is late, I’m in a constant state of panic and I’m not sleeping enough and trapped in a circle of tiredness and inefficiency. I’M DOING MY BEST In the shower, an hour […]

Blueberry Inside Out Cake

Blueberry Inside out cake

I think I’ve excelled myself here. Here’s how I made my delicious Blueberry Inside Out Cake. 1. Heard that my brother might be bringing his girlfriend round tomorrow. Got all excited because she’s lovely, he’s happy and because we’re a bit short on aunties round here. Decided to make a cake. 2. Made cake batter according to the […]

I can only blog after midnight

It’s midnight. I’m sitting with my poorly girl. She’s 14 months old and has been sick since midday. In between sick she’s been happy and running around, fooling us into thinking she’s better. She slept for four hours this evening, before coughing and throwing up her dinner. She’s hot, but not keeping down calpol, stripped […]


You know when you have a great idea in the shower, which you forget by the time you get downstairs? I had one of those ideas this morning – to install a shower whiteboard. Brilliant! I’d never forget a shower idea again! I managed to race to a piece of paper and jot down some specifications […]