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Three things happened when I set up this blog:

1. I had this song on repeat in my head, constantly. It reminds me of the last holiday I went on with my parents and brother. We drove down Route 66 with a very small selection of CDs, so I heard this song a lot. I knew at the time that would be our last family holiday; my brother had already moved away for work and I was about to move away. I wish we all lived closer. I wish I had more pictures of that week.

“And I’m gonna try, And thank them all for the good times together. Though so apart we’ve grown.”

2. I had so many ideas of things to write about. I have a list in my diary and lots of abandoned drafts. The posts were mainly almost completely written in my head – in the shower or in the car. They just made it to scribbled titles and the occasional photograph. I quite like looking through them to see what’s still relevant and what’s been resolved.

3. I had a crippling anxiety about writing and didn’t log into this site for months. What if someone criticised me? What if someone I knew read it? What if no-one read it? This was the exact opposite of what I’d hoped for – how annoying! This website became another massive task on my to-do list, albeit right at the very bottom.

Something’s happened recently to remind me that I really need to get better at writing. I need to be faster and more accurate and less afraid. Why not start here, where no-one knows who I am? I’m just practicing, so if you stumble upon this post, please be kind! I’m going to tick off as many of these post ideas as possible in the next couple of weeks and see where that takes me.

Has anyone else overcome a fear of writing? What worked for you?

PS. I’m just making my 12th revision to this post. Is that excessive, or normal?

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