On the healing and magical properties of coconut oil

There seems to be no end to the claims about the magical properties of coconut oil; from gorgeous hair to tip top toes, you might as well chuck out everything else, because coconut oil can do it all!

Today I came across a new use for this wonder stuff – taming tantruming toddlers!

For reasons that I don’t need to go into, I was faced with a toddler tantrum of epic proportions today. It involved dragging B by her sleeve all the way back from the park, with her shouting at top volume. I’ve never experienced a tantrum quite like it before*. I tried cuddling, talking, bargaining, pleading – nothing worked. At home she continued to cry inconsolably until I showed her a bowl of freshly popped coconut popcorn and then like magic, my smiley happy toddler returned.

I’ve made a LOT of popcorn recently and unusually for me I’ve found a method that works perfectly and I’ve stuck to it. No burnt corn and hardly any unpopped kernels. Here’s my method:

Weigh out 75-100g of corn (find it in the wholefoods section, rather than in the crisps isle).

Add a spoonful of coconut oil.

magical properties of coconut oil 

Here’s the bit it took me a while to figure out – Add them both together to a cold pan.

Turn up the heat (medium to high) and gently shake the pan. The oil will melt and coat the corn. IMG_0489.JPG

Keep shaking. When this happens, you’re nearly there:


Once the popping has slowed down, remove from the heat, cool slightly then present to tantruming toddler.

Enjoy the calm!

Maybe she was just hungry, or maybe coconut oil is in fact magical. You can decide.

I will be keeping a tub of coconut oil in stock just in case and I’ve got some ready popped popcorn for tomorrow, which stores for a few days in a sealed box.



*In case my dad ever reads this, I’m going to save him the job of commenting by adding “because I can’t remember all of my own”.

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