I’ve Already Started!

I love new year’s resolutions, but I don’t have a good success rate at sticking to them, so this year I’ve already started making improvements in advance of the new year. Here’s what’s going to (continue to) happen in 2014.

1. I will not weigh myself. For me, this just doesn’t do any good. I get completely obsessed by the numbers… a gain, whether down to eating or an increase in muscle mass makes me despondent, a loss makes me complacent.. both roads lead to biscuits. So in 2014 I will not step on the scales, unless it’s to weigh a baby or a suitcase! However, I will take some measurements this week and I’m sure that will prompt me to stick to my other resolutions, such as

2. I will get more exercise. It makes me feel better. There’s a zumba class nearby that I enjoy and I’m going to use the car a bit less for short journeys.

3. I will not pull out any more grey hairs. Who am I trying to kid? Some of my hairs are grey and I’m going to let them get on with growing long, rather than spotting each one once it’s sticking up over my head and pulling it out. I will reserve the right to dye them at a later date :)

4. I will use the internet in a more productive and healthy way. More Happier and flylady, less staring aimlessly at facebook

5. I will write more. I will stop procrastinating and perfecting and be brave *presses the publish button*

Happy new year!

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