Ice Cream Tea

Ice cream tea againThe next time there’s milk in this house I am absolutely definitely going to pour some into an ice cube tray and freeze it so I always have enough milk for hot drinks. Tonight D is out and everyone else is asleep and I only realised we were milkless after I’d made myself tea.

Anyway, a spoonful of honeycomb ice-cream in tea is lovely, but it’s left me with a huge craving for more sugary stuff and I’ve already raided A’s party bag from the weekend :(

I just can’t start with sugar. I was given some sweets today and I should have said NO! Ironically it was by someone who didn’t want to have it in her house in case she ate it.

I’m fine with sweets in the shop, but if they’re in the house, I can’t ignore them. Even as I type this and contemplate this evening’s to-do list I can feel the rest of the party bag tempting me into the kitchen…

I had a total detox from sugar after a 4 day sickness bug and I was feeling pretty smug about staying off it. Now I feel truly off the wagon and sad about the prospect of hauling myself back onto it.

I’ve just realised that tonights ice cream tea was in the same cup as this picture. So I need to either set up an order with the milkman, or get rid of that cup. first I’m going to try an ice cream coffee.


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