Courgetti bolognese

Very very occasionally I make something for tea that makes it into the coveted golden triangle of acceptable food;

1. Tastes alright

2. Looks alright

3. Doesn’t set off the smoke detector.

I thought I’d cracked it tonight and wanted to share my success.

It’s a hybrid of spaghetti and courgetti bolognese. It’s vegetarian because I forgot to buy mince.

Forgetti courgetti bolognese with roasted vegetables

courgetti bolognese
I thought i was so clever, sneaking a courgette into A’s dinner. Usually I have to cook them to mush in the slow cooker to avoid detection.


Diced onion, roasted vegetables (both frozen), a spinach cube, a spiralised courgette, tomatoes and spaghetti. Add grated cheese and there we had my new favourite 10 minute dinner.

Until this happened.

The reject plate. With every strand of cougette expertly identified and removed.

B said it was delicious, but hopped down from the table after 3 bites. A asked what these bits were, and complained that they were EVERYWHERE!

At least I had fun making it!

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