Christmas Crackers in August

Crackers in AugustDo you know what this is?

I don’t.

It breaks into two halves and I guess the handle could be used to spin it.

It’s not really big enough to store anything in it. It’s certainly not big enough to fit a hamster.

It came in a Christmas cracker, which my brother brought round on Thursday. Naturally we pulled a few instead of putting them away with the Christmas things.

This was A’s prize and he took no notice of it for a while, until B showed an interest in it.

After then they spent a good 15 minutes arguing over it. Ignoring the hundreds of pounds worth of other plastic things in the house, this was the ONLY thing that they both wanted to play with.

I was sure that I could quickly find another one and that’s why I found myself alone, pulling christmas crackers in August.

I think we got the only box of christmas crackers with no duplicate prizes.

I found a miniature kaleidoscope and a giant paperclip, which made B happy and she returned the plastic blob to A.

I returned to the kitchen for about 17 seconds until the shouting started again. B was using the giant paperclip to push A’s tongue down and using the kaleidoscope to look in his mouth while she tried to get his wobbly teeth out.

7 days until the school term starts. 7.



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