A bad start to Zero Waste Week

Zero waste week fail

This week, for zero waste week, I’ve been thinking of ways that we can reduce the amount of rubbish we produce as a family. We went shopping this morning and chose things with the least amount of packaging. Then we came home and this parcel arrived. Normal sized 2 1/2 year old’s arms and feet are […]

Left for Love

Left for Love

Most of the time my memory is awful, but I can remember in great detail what I did exactly 10 years ago tonight: I played netball after work, as part of our “Mini-Olympics”. It was fun and I wondered why I’d not played for 10 years. I went home and ate dinner that D had made. He was upstairs practicing songs […]

One of these days…

One of these days

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Three things happened when I set up this blog: 1. I had this song on repeat in my head, constantly. It reminds me of the last holiday I went on with my parents and brother. We drove down Route 66 with a very small selection of CDs, so I heard this song a […]