Bullet journalling

On bank holiday Monday I made an unusual choice about how to spend and hour of precious alone time. Instead of tackling a huge to-do list, I did this to my brand new Bullet Journal:

image This is my second squared paper Moleskine Bullet Journal. I’m still undecided about whether they are worth the extra money compared to supermarket journals, but I’m giving myself until the end of this book to decide.

I love bullet journalling! I’ve taken a lot of tips from various places, but I was especially inspired after reading this post. I really liked Nickie’s grid system for marking off daily tasks and I’ve adapted this for my freelance work. I work for a lot of different people and to keep track of all the tasks I need to do for each, I use this monthly grid and tick off tasks as I do them. Here’s September’s grid in progress:

Bullet journal social media scheduling tool

I also used some of Hobbycraft’s lovely Duck Tape to mark the page with my calendar on, since I refer to this page the most.

I also use these coloured sticky tabs to mark the pages containing notes and lists for different work.

Sticky tabs to mark pagesBullet journal tabs for organising notes

I used a sheet of decopatch paper to decorate the cover. This will help me distinguish it from all my old bullet journals (which I can’t throw out yet) and also strengthened the cover, since I accidentally bought a soft back book this time. The new Bullet Journal is working well so far. I already have a fresh page for each client and I find that with lots of space, I’m inspired to jot down new ideas. My organisation system means that I never loose my notes on a particular subject (unless I loss the journal – oh I worry about that late at night!) and I generally feel a lot more on top of things.

New term, I am ready for you!

A decapatch Bullet Journal

I’m always interested in new suggestions; what works for you?

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