A bad start to Zero Waste Week

This week, for zero waste week, I’ve been thinking of ways that we can reduce the amount of rubbish we produce as a family. We went shopping this morning and chose things with the least amount of packaging. Then we came home and this parcel arrived.

Normal sized 2 1/2 year old’s arms and feet are shown for size reference. She was very excited about opening it!

Unpacking the mystery parcel

I couldn’t remember ordering anything of that size and shape. The only things I’ve ordered recently are a tea caddy and a sticker saying “DECAF”. I didn’t think the tea caddy would fit in the box, and surely it couldn’t be the sicker in that box?

It just appeared to be full of packing bags…
Someone didn't get the memo about zero waste week

We removed two layers of packing airbags and were left with what seemed to be an empty box. 

Wait! What’s this at the bottom?

someone in the packaging department was taking the mickey

Of course, it’s the sticker!

one tiny sticker in one huge box

Why not just send it in an envelope? It would have saved them money on delivery and more importantly saved all this packaging!

I feel like I’ve failed on the first day, although we did have a play with the box.Playing with excessive packaging in zero waste week

So, lesson number one. Zero Waste means no internet shopping.

I’ll do better tomorrow.

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